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January 29, 2008



He is such a doll! The onesie looks fantastic - you should be really proud of yourself :)

Tonja Trump

He is so sweet Susan!! I love the onesie too!! Keep up the great work!


Evan is such a cutie pie and I love that onesie you made! You are so darn creative, girl! ;) Have a great rest of the week!


Love the sesame street shout out! super cute- the onesie and the little dude!


The onesie turned out great! Love the nice added touch to the back of it. :) What a cutie pie! Love the one of him laying on the floor.


okay, the back totally makes the onesie - LOVE it! and i'm sure that there'll be more than one mama [myself included] knocking off your creation. :)

still can't believe that guy is six months old already - crazy.


SO cute!!
Happy 6 months, Evan!!


that is adorable!!!

Dawn McVey (dawnsing)

Susan! That onesie is adorable!! Totally cute! And of course, Evan is a doll as usual. He's getting so big. My word -- a tooth!? Cute!!


oh goodness...he's just so adorable!
and that onesie is SO cute...
LOVE the back!


He is so cute..I just started reading your blog..found you thru Kristina "starofmay"'s blog and can't believe you are right here in Mn like me!
I have a 3 mos old boy, Joey, and all your wonderful pictures of Evan are making me feel subpar on the mommy scale! lol


Sue Thomas

Total cuteness, Susan!!!!!! Love the onesie you came up with!!!!


The onesie turned out fabulous!

Kelly Noel

he's totally adorable, susan! your onesie turned out awesome!


ev and the onesie both......
happy 6 months, mr. e!


too cute! i love the onesie and the 'monthly shot'.


What a cute little onesie! You are so crafty! Happy 6 months to Evan! Both my girls hated their tummies too, no worries. Who wants to look at the floor anyway?


I just found your blog - I absolutely love your photography and your layouts!! Makes me wish I had a little one of my own!

Funny Love Quotes

Very cute pictures.

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