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December 06, 2007



Thank you for sharing the recipe! it's similar to the fusilli dish I like to eat at Willow Street Pizza... w/ artichoke hearts and chicken.. Mmm... will have to try this one! PS. Yay for BB!

kristi sauer

I swear, Evan and Paige could be twins!! That page and the photos hoot of them turned out so cute! Congrats on the 40D!


I love your blog. You have caused me to spend lots of money with all your super cute baby stuff! I just had a baby boy a month ago, so please keep all your cute finds coming!

Camala Turnage


YAY for a BB winter installment. I LOVE that show (and had not heard abotu that yet). Also concurring about the DVR...one of the best inventions ever! And I LOVED your LO of the kiddos...so fun to see one of you baby LOs. Grandma's gonna love that pic!

Jessie Fulkerson

I don't know what to say anymore other than CUTE!!!! Even "cute" is beginning to fail me. I love your shots of Evan!


Great post. I love the "cool mom" website. Super cute pictures of Mr. Evan - what a doll! Your Fiskers layout is cute, cute. I can't wait to try that recipe. Congrats on the 40D, totally jealous! Have fun at Coach - be sure to show us your finds!


i keep telling you...
NC is super close to FL...
love love love that ev.
he is just the cutest.


i feel so special :)
love our emails too. it really is the best way to procrastinate.


Hey Susan, I didn't know you were a Big Brother fan too! We watch every episode here and get so into it! After reading that, I had to tell you that I ran into two of the people on the last show a couple weeks ago. Nick and Jenn were walking in front of my family at this shopping place and I said to them - is it ok if we meet you? They turned around and let me tell you, Nick was so cute in real life - totally cute and way bigger then I had imagined. Jenn had died her hair black. I asked her if she still keeps in contact with Evil Dick and she just laughed and said NO! My husband saw Nick with Danielle at Disneyland two weeks before this, so they are all over the place- the question is - which one is he dating? I'm going to email you about the camera - I want to know more (like why you got it and how much you love it!). suzy


you know i'm so pysched about a winter bb! this time it will be me in labor. lol :)


Susan!! I want to thank you for posting that recipe. We had it last night and it was delish. I will be adding it to my repertoire. Thanks so much! Ev is a dollbaby!!!! :)

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