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October 24, 2007



Ok. Now *that's* stinkin' cute!! LOVE the ideas you come up with for baby photo shoots! This is just adorable!


crack me up - love that guy! :)

Sue Thomas

He sure has good taste - lol!!!! Love these photos, Susan!!!!!


Absolutely adorable! Too "sweet"!!!


He's so cute! These photos really make me want some candy. :) Love all the hats - if only I had any chance of looking half this cute in a hat, I'd be all over them. Hee hee.


He's a smart, smart boy Susan... :) He's such a cutie too!! mmmmm.. Snickers...


I can't stand it!!
The yumminess-factor of these pictures is off the charts!!


I just have to say . . . dang he's cute!!! Happy Halloween! And, from White Bear to Centerville, isn't this weather fantastic?!


so CUTE :)

hope you have a good trip, we'll have to chat when you get back!


very cute. :-) so happy you're enjoying your little guy!


Cute photos! Love how sharp and vibrant they are!

Lindsay Teague

he looks a lot like you in that top picture!!!

Kristi Sauer

Too cute! You definitely win the award for most creative baby poses/outfits!!

Debbie Cook

AWESOME pictures! great idea!

Kelli Johnson

hee hee hee...that's awesome.

Paola Norman

What great shots, so vibrant, the colours really pop! Love the idea of him sitting on the candy..Can't wait to see what you'll come up with next!


i so adore you guys.
this is DARLING!

Dawn McVey (dawnsing)

Oh Susan....SOOOOO adorable!! Seriously!!


Adorable! He's just the cutest little guy! (though I have two of my own I'm rather fond of... ;) )

Are you a professional photographer? I can't get over how great your photos are.

Mind sharing which camera(s) you use? I'm in the market for a new "travel with me" AND a new "keep around the house"...your pictures are so crisp and vibrant, I thought I might get advice from you :-)

Thanks--and feel free to email. :)


Oh my gosh!! He is so stinkin' adorable!! To die for. ;)

Amber Baley

Susan--Evan is so cute! Love the candy pics! The fall family pic below is gorgeous too!! You'll have to check out my announcement on our little board...;)


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